About us

 MAY ADE is a womenswear brand for modest-minded women. We aim to provide unique designs which are contemporary, timeless and elegant. Our focus is to bring a fresh and bold range of modest wear which incorporates modern and sophisticated colors, textures and prints.


Founder Maymunah Adewale is wife and mother with a passion for design. Due to the lack of hijab friendly clothing available in major retail stores and frustration she faced by trying to dress modesty without compromising her faith, Maymunah decided to use her skills in design to launch MAY ADE. Maymunah has worked hard to develop her talents, falling in love with every aspect of the design process involved in creating the exquisite designs available at MAY ADE.

MAY ADE offers a range of modest clothing from casual to occasional wear. All our designs are created in house with incredible amount of time and effort spent planning, designing and sourcing items. Our pieces are ethically produced using high quality fabric and unique textures. We are not a large company and do not mass produce items. All products are produced in small quantities and we employ the best craftsmen in the industry to bring our designs to life.

We started this brand with one goal in mind, to empower women to feel confident about their modesty and know that they do not need to compromise on any aspect of it.