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As you know from my last blog post I decided to spend summer 2018 with my family back in London. I adore London and always look forward to visiting every year. I get to spend time with my family and indulge in all the things I’ve missed from my home city. London is so vibrant and full of life and as a Muslim woman I also appreciate the diversity. I never feel out of place and I can always find a halal restaurant, spa and even a shopping mall that caters to my needs. This summer I was determined to pack my schedule with endless activities and sample everything London has to offer.


Halal Restaurants

Ok it’s no secret that every time I am back in London I look forward to the food. When I first moved to the USA I found the food bland, boring and if you’re a Muslim and wanted halal options your choices quickly became limited.  London has some of the best restaurants; the number of halal restaurants and even main stream restaurants offering halal options are endless. It’s so nice to say that Muslims in the UK are now spoilt for choice. My favorite spots to visit when dining out in London are based in Whitechapel, East London. This time I decided to try out two new restaurants, MADINAH GRILL and OLIVE & OREGANO, with my sister and old college friends. Both restaurants were impressive and the food was amazing, it was flavored to perfection and left me wanting more. I quickly became a regular customer at both places.  If your ever in London and stuck on halal friendly restaurants to try, make sure you visit Whitechapel.  You will not be disappointed!



The Beauty Lodge London

A spa day where I can completely relax has always been on my bucket list. So, while in London I decided to take advantage of a women only spa and treat myself. A good friend recommended the BEAUTY LODGE day spa based in Wood Green, London. This place was absolutely gorgeous. It has a beautiful red carpet with lanterns and flowers placed along the hall way. At the end of the hallway, you enter into this gorgeous garden space filled with more flowers, a fish pond with a small waterfall and a swinging bench. As soon as I entered I immediately felt relaxed.

The spa offers two packages a party package and a pamper package. I went for the party package. I thoroughly enjoyed the jacuzzi and express facial which left my skin feeling so refreshed with an instant glow. 


Fancy Café

If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that I decided to meet up with two of my favorite London bloggers at a fancy café based in Kensington, London called ÉLAN CAFE. The décor at this café was stunning!  It was heavily floral based with a floral chandelier overlooking a famous floral wall; I guarantee you have seen it on every London blogger’s Instagram page, lol. The café offered an array of mouthwatering desserts which were displayed on the window front just enticing people to come in as they walked pass. I enjoyed a delicious flat bread chicken sandwich with poached egg followed by a strawberry Victorian sponge cake. The prices were a little steep, but it was worth it to treat myself once in a while to good food and company.



Whenever I am back home, OXFORD STREET and WESTFIELD LONDON, London are my favorite shopping locations to visit. Oxford Circus can be overcrowded at times, and I sometimes don’t have the energy to walk up and down its high street anymore, lol. Therefore, I now frequent Westfield mall only. This is a relatively new shopping center based in East London. It is huge, has about five floors and is Muslim friendly, offering many halal restaurants and even a prayer room. It was inspiring to see that most of its clothing stores carried a more modest line of clothing suitable for Muslim women. This proves that larger brands are no longer tone deaf and starting to carry clothing lines based on their market and location.   I was like a kid in a candy store, and let’s just say I left fully satisfied, Alhamdullilah.


I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed telling you about my shenanigans in London. I actually felt a little home sick writing this, it brought back so many wonderful memories. What part did you enjoy the most?  Be sure to leave a comment below.





  • Posted by Yasmin on

    This post makes me want to visit London tomorrow! I particularly loved reading about the Elan cafe – that place looks so blush with such beautiful flowers. I love a good spa so beauty lodge was a bonus to read about ; ). Sounds like you had a fantastic summer

  • Posted by Halal Food Gastronomy on

    Oooh some of the places you visited look so nice MaShaaAllah

  • Posted by MAY ADE on

    Thanks Yasmin! So glad you enjoyed it and you will love Elan cafe it’s gorgeous

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