Salam Lovelies, I am so sorry I’ve been MIA.  Life has become really busy these past few months and I was just trying to find my feet and cope with it all.

Yes, as you can tell from the title above, we’ve moved homes again! It was hectic, stressful and my mind was all over the place. In a recent post on Instagram I opened up about struggling with it and how it took a toll on me. Alhamdullilah (thank God) I am in a good place now and adjusting to my new home nicely.

I never really understood when people reminded me to take care of myself when moving homes, states or country (I have done all of the above by the way).  It’s not that I took the matter lightly. However, I really didn’t think I needed to put checks and balances in place for myself until now. Recently, I found that I was missing my family more than usual and was really tired of having to make new friends and find a community I love. Usually I am really positive and stay away from negativity but this time I really had to dig deep. For me what really helped was prioritizing myself and learning to let go of the stress.

Number one was staying consistent with my dhikr (remembrance of Allah) morning, evening and night. Everyone close to me is probably sick and tired of how much I bang on and on about it lol. Ibn Qayyim refers to Dhikr as his morning breakfast “This is my morning breakfast, I did not have any other breakfast. If I did not have this breakfast (remembering Allah), all my strength would fall away.” What a beautiful way to analyzed this act!  I can’t stress enough the important of staying connected to Allah through Dhkir.  For me it is my source of spiritual strength that keeps me going every day. My dad was the first person who ignited my passion for it when I was younger. I know it’s not easy to stay consistent and I have fallen of the bandwagon a few times. This is why I have several copies placed strategically all over my house so I have easy access to it.

Number two is exercising the mind and body. Meditating for 10 minutes a day has helped me to clear my mind and focus on one thing at a time. Waking, strength training and yoga have worked wonders on my body and mind. Evening walks with my children has also been a great way to explore my neighborhood and meet new people.

Number three is socializing and getting out of your comfort zone. Whenever I move to a new city, I try my best to attend the local masjid regularly. I introduce myself to sisters and let them know I am new to the area.  By doing this consistently a lovely sister I met told me about a local halaqah, which I attended and was able to connect with so many beautiful sisters in the area. I also joined  local Muslim groups online (via Facebook/IG) so I am informed about events happening in and around the area. Recently, I attended a sister soiree advertise in one of these groups. Both events really lifted my spirits and lifted me out of the funk I was in.

It’s not easy moving and having to form new relationships.  However, I am learning to always stay positive. Life is full of ups and downs and sometimes you just have to roll with it.

I pray you enjoy this post. Please leave some words of wisdom in the comments section below. Have you moved recently, how did you cope with it all?




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    I am happy you find a way to lift yourself up again. Life is full of ups and downs, and I pray Allah makes everything easier for you. Ameen.

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