I love museums there is so much to learn, admire and appreciate. So, when I was invited to visit the Victoria Albert museum in London how could I resist the opportunity. For those of you who don’t know the V&A museum is an Art and Design museum frequently visited by fashion/design students from all over the world. Fashion exhibitions from famous designers like Christian Dior are often shown here.

This museum is gorgeous and you are wowed from the moment you enter. The first order of business was to visit the café because well we were hungry lol and had to eat. The café however ,was like its own exhibit too. I was blown away by the décor and beautiful ball shaped chandeliers. I also couldn’t help but notice the marble décor throughout the museum which added a touch of class and elegance.

There were  many exhibits but unfortunately I didn’t get to see all of them. However, my favorite exhibit was the Norfolk house Paneled room. This room was grand and I felt like a queen the moment I entered.  The celling, panels and mirrors were all embellished with gold ornaments.

I am definitely looking forward to visiting this museum again. I am particularly excited about attending one of Christian Dior exhibits in the near future. Please enjoy snippets of my day below. Do you like museums? let me any good one you have visited below.

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