Classic Wardrobe Essentials: The Perfect Maxi Shirt Dress

Salam Lovelies, I pray you’re all well. I have to proclaim it, I am in love with maxi shirt dresses! They are among the top four classic silhouettes that every hijabi should own. I will talk more about the other three in later blog posts. What is a shirt dress? Basically, it’s a longer version of the classic button-down shirt and is sometimes slightly oversized. It can be made in a variety of cuts, designs and fabrics ranging from cotton to silk and is a versatile, effortless and chic dress able to transcend seasons.

“It is a versatile, effortless and chic dress, able to transcend seasons”

Depending on the type of shoes or accessories you pair your shirt dress with, it can give you an array of styling options.

For a more glamourous and effortless look, add a simple pair of heels, shoulder bag or purse. Can’t stand heels?  Swapping them out with some sandals or flats will look just as good. I also love the Boho-chic style you get when you pair a shirt dress with some ankle or chin high boots.

The shirt dress is perfect for layering. A black leather jacket will give it an edgy look and the right blazer will make it a more office appropriate. For a more casual look, add a sleeveless vest jack or jumper. Here it’s important to find the right cut so it still showcases the effortless cut of the shirt dress. Be sure that the layering item doesn’t squish and bunch up your dress underneath.


"Here it’s important to find the right cut so it still showcases the effortless cut of the shirt dress “



All images are via Pinterest.


I personally like to keep my shirt dresses in a range of classic hues such as white, black, navy, camel, burgundy and black and white stripes. These colors make the styling options above easy to do.

Here are a few inspirational looks for you above, what is your favorite way to style a shirt dress?

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