Behind The Scenes: Mood Board For Floral Romance

Hi lovelies,


A few weeks ago, I launched my new collection on the website. Alhmadulilah, the response has been so positive!  I want to thank all of you for the beautiful messages and words of encouragement. I love the journey of being able to go from an idea in my head to a final product, although it can be difficult and overwhelming at times, I find it very rewarding.  Today I will share my design process of how that journey starts.

Step one for me is getting inspired. For this collection, my main theme was centered around nature with my focus being on florals and sand beaches. I wanted my collection to have a calm, relaxing and romantic feel to it hence the theme name Floral Romance. Below is the mood board I referred to often while designing the collection. I feel like I am not done with this theme and plan on using it in future collections, God welling.


When looking at this mood board what type of feeling does it invoke in you? Don’t be shy, please comment below; I would love to know.



  • Posted by Yasmin on

    Calmness, serene, peace are the feelings that it invokes in me.

  • Posted by Afroditadiant on

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  • Posted by Maymunah Adewale on

    Thanks yasmin exact feelings I was going for ❤️

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